Guiding women in Business to achieve their revenue goals with clarity, focus, and confidence

Our Vision

Our visions is to empower, inspire and educate women-owned businesses by providing networking, education, accountability, and ongoing support that unites women entrepreneurs and empowers them to achieve, succeed and prosper.

We are an organization that fosters personal and professional growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the support each woman needs in order to succeed - whether it's through mentoring, education, networking opportunities or group accountability programs.

We are not only an organization, but also a movement that empowers women to live their best lives.

Every woman entrepreneur is to be Resilient!

Our Philosophy

We lift others as we climb. We share always and never leave anyone behind as we do business together.

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Instrumental in motivating women who are struggling...

Cheryl Bishop has been instrumental in motivating women who are struggling in business, to realize their potential and get them on the path of empowerment and creating their business of their life’s purpose.

~ Ava Curtola