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Resilient Women in Business Women Business Networking organization

Join us and you will:

Resilient Women In Business is a collective of women fueled by impactful events, resources, and connections... our strength as a community of resilient, capable, and inspiring women is truly unstoppable, and we can't wait for you to join us!

The picture above are some of our member at an Annual BBQ. We have over 100 member in our community.

Become a part of a large community of Resilient Women In Business, as we have chapters in several cities. Members have two meetings a month. The first meeting guests can attend which is for you to meet others. The second meeting is for members only and is structured for all members to get to know each other’s business which assists members in referring each other. The members become your advisor board and your referral partners.

Annual Bonus for Members

  • Invaluable------->No fee to pay for any of your chapter meetings.

  • $5.00 - $99.00 savings/event------->Discount on attending other city chapters. only $5.00 for members

  • $297.00 savings------->Access to education for you to grow personally and professionally.

    • Examples of some education are:

    • Effective Networking

    • Effective Introductions

    • Effective Follow-Up

    • Sales

    • Mindset and so much more

  • $97.00 savings------->Members directory on RWIB website.

  • $84.00 savings ------>Members only can register for vendor tables at conferences/events.

  • $10.00 - $99.00 savings ------->Discount on events like conferences and the GPS Program.

  • Invaluable -------> Showcase your business at both meetings.

  • Invaluable -------> Only members get the opportunity to speak at the meetings.

  • Invaluable -------> Annual Picnic for all members in local cities in their area.

  • Invaluable------->Opportunity to speak on a podcast

  • Invaluable -------> 1/4ly Community events.

  • Invaluable -------> Monthly "Ask Anything" event.

Total Value $697.00

What you can expect:

Making connections and authentic relationships is how your income/sales will increase

Have support from your group and other members.

Learn how to take your business to the next level through our education membership site.

Having all of your chapter members available to you through your chapter chat.

Have the home office available to have a conversation when you need one.

Make more sales and grow your business!

Only Resilient Women In Business members can have a vendor table at the conferences.

All the above for only $299.00 annually

Click on the button to join us at one of our events.

Don’t see a chapter in your city?

Group of women entrepreneurs networking at a business event

We have an easy-to-follow system for any Resilient Leader who wants to open a city chapter.

If you’re going to build a community of businesswomen in your city.

If you like to follow a structure.

If you like to facilitate meetings.

If you can keep to the time limit for a meeting.

If you want to launch a city chapter or be on our waiting list for your city, then fill out the form below.


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