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-Resilient Leaders-

Meet the leader of the Langley /Murrayville Chapter:

Meet Monica, a self-employed woman who loves to support women in business, which began many years ago for her.

Monica says that Resilient Women In Business has supported her exponentially with her personal growth and her business; as a leader, she can in turn support you! Monica loves to create solid relationships and continuous growth.

Meet the leader of the Coquitlam Chapter:

Meet Rosalia, a bra fit consultant passionate about finding your best fit!

Rosalia has been working with women for over 20 years to assist women with understanding the benefits of starting every day with a great foundation. She assists you by showing you how to find the right size, style, support, and comfort for your best fit!

Meet the leader of the White Rock Chapter:

Meet Diane; she has over two decades of experience and is a renowned self-improvement expert who offers a comprehensive approach to personal growth and success in business, relationships, and life.

Her extensive training and knowledge in coaching her clients for over a decade in Neuro Linguistic Programming & her unique Dream Receiver system have assisted individuals in embracing their true desires and equipping them with the proven tools and strategies to achieve and receive their dreams.

Diane is also the co-creator of the 21-day Visibility challenge, where entrepreneurs get more comfortable on camera to be more visible and not be the best-kept secret in their industry.

Meet the leader of the North Vancouver Chapter:

Meet Sam; she is a health & wellness entrepreneur that helps restore people's health and vitality. 

She has been a Fire Captain for over 20 years. Her passion is helping people.

Meet the leader of the Surrey /Nordel Chapter:

Meet Prabhleen, a driven and accomplished individual wearing multiple hats with grace and determination, as the owner of a flourishing personalized gift business, a devoted mother, and a passionate advocate.

Prabhleen's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life.

Prabhleen is a remarkable example of a successful business owner and dedicated mother. She inspires others, leaving a lasting impact through her personalized gifts, dedication to her clients, and profound love for her family. You will love attending her meetings.

Meet the leader of the Vancouver Chapter:

Meet April, a community leader, certified intuitive life purpose coach, and luxury travel advisor. She guides others towards a free lifestyle and leads small groups in gorgeous European cities through her “ Truly “ program. April founded a wedding cake company called AprilCakes (2000-2012) and a cereal business, The Granola Girl (2011-2021). She continues coaching new startups to launch their soulful businesses through her 3-month program. 

She enjoys life in Vancouver and part-time in Paris! Nothing makes April happier than seeing her friends and clients live with passion and feel fully aligned with their Truth and Purpose.

Cheryl Bishop is a heart-centered speaker and author that gives back to the community.

As the Founder of Resilient Women in Business, her heart’s desire is to assist women in making the income they want.