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Why Being Busy Isn’t Generating Business Income

Why Being Busy Isn’t Generating Business Income

Is what you’re doing right now an income-generating activity?

I find these days there are way too many things a business owner thinks they must get done.  They are so busy being busy, their business never gets out of the starting gate.

Among other things, this busyness is on:

  • Courses to take
  • Creating or getting a website done
  • Blog posts to write
  • Videos to create
  • Social media to utilize
  • Marketing to do
  • Photos to create
  • and on and on it goes.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet!?

Often women in business call me with being overwhelmed on what to do first.

Here is the thing. You are in business to make money, correct?

Well, I suggest you focus on making money first.

Seriously, if you keep spending money on getting ready you may never get ready to build your business.

Are all the things I mentioned above important? Yes!
Does all the above need to be done first? No!

I started Resilient Women In Business without a website because I know people will do business with people they know, like and trust.

Finding clients is your first thing you must get done.

I did my very first mastermind group with women I knew. I found 10 ladies and charged them a ridiculously low price.

After I did my first group, I did another group and I asked my first group for referrals.

Seriously, you do not need to spend money on your business first. You definitely need to get out there and get clients.

I now have four mastermind groups going and finally I am focusing on getting my website built.

Every time you feel you are doing a business activity, I would like to encourage you to ask yourself a question: Is this activity I am doing right now an income-generating activity?

If your answer is no, then stop doing what you are doing and go do an income-generating activity.

What is an income generating activity you might ask?

  • Phone calls to prospects,
  • follow up with past clients,
  • networking so people get to know, like and trust you.

Find within yourself what is unique about you.

A great way to get started with your business is to discover what makes you and your business unique. What separates you from your competitor? How can you differentiate yourself from others?

Many times the answer lies in your own unique personality. Use it to your advantage!

You go Girl!

Go work on those income-generating activities to assist you so you can then afford to pay for your website, blogs etc.

What are you doing that’s causing busyness and not any income? Leave a comment below and share!

I wish you all the success,

Written by Cheryl Bishop

A heart-centered speaker and author that gives back to the community. As the Founder of Resilient Women in Business, her heart’s desire is to assist women in making the income they are so deserving.

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