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A wonderful, encouraging and supportive person…

I have known Cheryl professionally for four years. She was one of the leaders involved in courses I took through Make Your Mark.  She is a wonderful, encouraging and supportive person.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of her first Resilient Women in Business Mastermind. I loved being a part of that group and will be continuing with it for the foreseeable future.

Cheryl Bishop leads with grace and insight. She is patient, wise, caring and knowledgeable. She guides her group members intuitively, allowing for changes on the fly when we need to work outside of her intended plan for each session. This is refreshing and helpful.

I have grown personally and professionally under her guidance. She has challenged me to look at my business ideas realistically and has helped me focus on the things that will work. I am immensely grateful for her mentoring and her kind way of pushing me out of my comfort zone. She sees the diamond in the rough and helps polish it. I have seen the members of our group grow and flourish under her guidance.

I personally have found my business, that is in the start-up phase, to be more focused than before. I also have a bigger belief in my ability to succeed once I launch. I attribute that directly to my working with Cheryl.

Written by Cheryl Bishop

A heart-centered speaker and author that gives back to the community. As the Founder of Resilient Women in Business, her heart’s desire is to assist women in making the income they are so deserving.

Cheryl Bishop has been instrumental in motivating women who are struggling in business, to realize their potential and get them on the path of empowerment and creating their business of their life’s purpose.

Ava Curtola
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