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I Recommend!

Whether you are new or a seasoned entrepreneur, I recommend Cheryl’s workshops and accountability groups.

The first workshop of her’s that I attended deepened my business planning.  I learned to better prioritize which activities to spend my time on and which to place in the ‘parking lot’.

I joined Cheryl’s accountability group at the beginning of the third quarter of 2020.  I had been working on a meditation training program to sell online since Feb 2019.  I accomplished more in the first 3 months of working with Cheryl than I did in the entire time since Feb 2019.

I feel so supported and encouraged by Cheryl and the group members.  I am grateful that Cheryl’s group’s style is gentle accountability and motivation.  I am thankful that she creates an  authentic, supportive and caring atmosphere to grow in.  I benefit from the brainstorming and connection with other entrepreneurs.  I find the group atmosphere inspiring and motivating.  I always come away from every meeting jazzed and energized.

The other thing I appreciate are Cheryl’s values.  Some organizations plaster their values all over the place and don’t actually practice them.  Cheryl actually demonstrates her values by putting them into action.

If you want to grow your business, join one of her accountability groups, you won’t regret it.  Her workshops aren’t rah rah, they are about identifying where you need to improve and what you need to do and then implementing it.   Best money and time I’ve invested in.


Written by Cheryl Bishop

A heart-centered speaker and author that gives back to the community. As the Founder of Resilient Women in Business, her heart’s desire is to assist women in making the income they are so deserving.

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