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Our Resilient Leaders

Cloverdale (Surrey), B.C. Canada

Resilient Leader: Cheryl Bishop, Founder of Resilient Women In Business




While Cheryl is building Resilient Women In Business she facilitates other cities networking events.

If you are interested in becoming a Resilient Leader for your city, we would love to hear from you.




Resilient Co-Leader: Monica Hawkins

Monica’s expertise is assisting you with your Brand Awareness through unique to you logo’d Promotional Products and apparel.

She loves connecting people to people, resources, and opportunities. Monica has a great sense of humour and you can help love her.

What she loves about Resilient Women in Business is being a part of everyone’s journey: Heart, Mind, Body and Soul noting, “We ALL have such a powerful journey ahead of us.”




Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

Resilient Leader: Rosalia Quadrelli

Rosalia’s expertise is in Merchandising and Sales training as well as coordinating events.

She has been in business since 2000 as Q-Marketing Services. An independent contractor for intimates’ apparel, Secret Skin Care and Send out Cards.

She loves encouraging & connecting people to resources, people, and solutions. Volunteers as facilitator for a women’s support group. She had it in her heart to head up Resilient Women In Prayer.

What she loves about Resilient Women in Business is the life long
relationships she has made, the personal growth she has experienced and the mission of what Resilient Women in business has to offer.



Abbotsford/Chilliwack, B.C. Canada

Resilient Leader: Vee Lyver

Veronica (who loves to go by Vee) holds a Chartered Professional of

Human Resources designation and her expertise is in elevating

employee engagement through coaching, training, and developing

individuals, leaders, and organizations.  Veronica is also a Mindfulness

practitioner and is DISC certified. She is member of a collaborative

group of independent consultants that brand themselves as HR West Consulting. (insert link to website

She builds long lasting relationships with her clients and is solution driven.

What Veronica loves about Resilient Women in Business is her growth in sales knowledge, an increase in business connections, and the relationships that have changed her life.

Instrumental in motivating women who are struggling...

Cheryl Bishop has been instrumental in motivating women who are struggling in business, to realize their potential and get them on the path of empowerment and creating their business of their life’s purpose.

Ava Curtola
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