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Networking events is an essential part of growing your business.

Survey was done on small businesses and this is what they found out:

75% of them found business from networking

21% of them found business from social media

17% of them found business from advertising/website

Here is what Resilient Women In Business knows for sure … People do business with people they like, know and trust. Have you ever networked with someone and really don’t know what they do? Most of us can not refer anyone to a business which we don’t full understand. This is why a membership is critical for a business success. With Resilient Women In Business membership we meet 2 times a month . Each chapter is industry specific, meaning we only have 1 seat for a Realtor, or mortgage broker, financial advisor, skin care, health product etc. Reason for this to be able to really assist each other with referral.

First meeting of the month is when guests can attend.

Structure of meeting:

Welcome everyone, everyone gets to introduce themselves. Two members will get to speak, one will spot light their business and one will bring a business tip. There will be a education section, group mastermind to assist 1 – 3 people on challenges and open networking.

Second meeting of the month is only for members.

Structure of members meeting:

Welcome, everyone get to introduce themselves. Two members will get a to speak, one will do a longer spot light, there will be Q & A with feedback from the members, one other member will bring their favourite quote to share with all members.

At members meetings we will have referral slips. These referral slips had been created to assist the members in what they said they would do. We also have love note slips, these are for being grateful for what another member did or to give them a complement.

You will find once you are a member that there will be great connections for you to assist you in your business. Chances are this membership will become your community. A community of women you can trust and support. Often members say there is nothing out there like Resilient Women In Business.

we would love to have you join us.

There is two levels of membership:

1 – $199.00 per year and you only pay $5.00 a meeting

2 – $299.00 per year and you do not pay the $5.00 a meeting. The only meetings you would pay for are other chapters of $5.00 if you wish to attend.

There is a one time registration cost of $24.95

If you are looking for a community, a place to grow personally and professionally then you will find it here.

Below are the bonuses:

Members only rates – 10% Discount on all live & online workshops, conferences, mastermind level 1 and level 2 which is GPS (Goals + Productivity = Success), event table/ sponsorship opportunities ,etc.   (Savings from $4.90 and up)

Video Interview on social media to gain exposure.  ($67.00 Value)

Opportunity to show case your business and speak at Members meeting of the month             (Priceless)           

Discount on attending other cities networking events for $5.00  (Savings of $7.00/meeting)

Annual Picnic for all members, combined with other chapters (Priceless)


Invitation to Join a Chapter Membership

You are invited to fill out the form below to schedule a 15-minute call with the founder of Resilient Women, Cheryl Bishop to see if there is a Chapter in your city. We are always looking for Resilient Leaders to start a chapter.  Your welcome to email us at  for fill out the form below. We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

Instrumental in motivating women who are struggling...

Cheryl Bishop has been instrumental in motivating women who are struggling in business, to realize their potential and get them on the path of empowerment and creating their business of their life’s purpose.

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