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Why Being Busy Isn’t Generating Business Income

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Is what you’re doing right now an income-generating activity? I find these days there are way too many things a business owner thinks they must get done.  They are so busy being busy, their business never gets out of the starting gate. Among other things, this busyness is on: Courses to take Creating or getting a website done Blog posts… Read More


Feb 2018  I was connected with RWIB and Cheryl. It has been great connecting and reconnecting and building friendships with other amazing women in business.

Lots of times we think we are in the right spot/time in our lives not realizing that there is more growth to complete before becoming an even better you. The last 2 years have been exactly that for me. As a result of RWIB and Cheryl, I have experienced such growth making a more secure and con… Read more

Shannen Rispin Baker
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