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Why Being Busy Isn’t Generating Business Income

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Is what you’re doing right now an income-generating activity? I find these days there are way too many things a business owner thinks they must get done.  They are so busy being busy, their business never gets out of the starting gate. Among other things, this busyness is on: Courses to take Creating or getting a website done Blog posts… Read More

I Recommend!

Whether you are new or a seasoned entrepreneur, I recommend Cheryl’s workshops and accountability groups.

The first workshop of her’s that I attended deepened my business planning.  I learned to better prioritize which activities to spend my time on and which to place in the ‘parking lot’.

I joined Cheryl’s accountability group at the beginning of the third quarter of 2020.  I had been working on a meditation training program to sell online si… Read more

Donna Harper
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