Guiding women in Business to achieve their revenue goals with clarity and focus

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The vision of Resilient Women is to assist women in business to grow personally and professionally throughout North America.

To have Women throughout Canada and the United States believe in their success, to understand their value and to confidently walk up the ladder of their own success in business.

The vision is for women in business, like you, are to increase revenue goals and to have clarity and focus to push through any challenges that may surface. Women will have the support of other women through mastermind groups, monthly meetings which will provide networking, business education and more.

Our Mission

There are far too many women that are struggling in business. Women entrepreneur/business owners often start a business because they have a passion for a product or service, they didn’t necessarily go to business school.

There is a ton of online information available on business, which can feel overwhelming and confusing. Who do you listen too? Who do you purchase from? Which webinar, books or conference to attend?

You may even find yourself signing up for things and not attending or doing any of the work! You may wonder, what should I work on first? What should I do next? How do I get my next client? How do I present myself and make sales?

Ugh! What to do. These are the questions many women in business, like you, are asking themselves.

Cheryl used to do a ton of networking in her community. In the early days she observed when a business owner would attend a networking dinner at a restaurant, the business owner would order a full dinner, then over time Cheryl noticed they would order a side dish, and in a few more weeks Cheryl noticed they would only order a beverage.

This told a story to Cheryl: She could tell their income thermometer was not very high and the business owner was not making the money they deserved. Cheryl wholeheartedly believes women in business should be making the money they desire and deserve.

She is on a mission to assist as many women in business as possible.

Your birthright is to be SUCCESSFUL! We are all sisters in business, and we need to support each other. You can break a stick when it is on its own. When you have a bundle of sticks it is not easy to break.

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Your Birthright IS To Be Successful!

“Your Birthright Is To Be SUCCESSFUL”. This is a statement Cheryl Bishop lives – she walks it and talks it daily. I resonate with Resilient Women in Business; the consistency, the opportunity for growth through attending the Networking Groups, Regular and Quarterly Mastermind Groups, specific courses and weekly video’s.
One of my first places I go for inspiration, focus and personal growth. All which works for me in the post positive way, Heart, … Read more

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