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About the Founder

“Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone. It is how you go through your challenges. Resilient Women in Business Mastermind are created around behaviours, thoughts and actions to get you to new heights in your business.”

Cheryl BishopCHERYL BISHOP is a heart-centered International speaker, author, faculty member with Make Your Mark Training and Consulting Inc. and trainer that gives back to her community.

As a founder of Resilient Women In Business, her heart’s desire is to assist women in making the income they want. It breaks her heart when she sees so many women struggle.

Cheryl is devoted and passionate about assisting women to achieve more in life and in business, empowering them to do more than they ever thought possible.

She was in the banking industry for 16 years. Cheryl also had a Skincare and Fitness business where she appeared in local media and was involved in the direct selling industry for 14 years. She has assisted CEO Colin Sprake in building Make Your Mark Training since its beginning in 2009. She has been a huge support in creating momentum and growing the company’s reputation and following.

She is an author of a best-selling book “Entrepreneur Success Stories” which she co-authored with 19 of Make Your Mark’s students. Her chapter is “Everything Happens for a reason.” Kara Deringer interviewed Cheryl and put the interview in a book called “Chica, Creating Happy, Inspiring and Curious Adventures.

Cheryl has spoken on stages like Mompreneur Canada, Toronto Entrepreneur Conference, Froc-alicious by Design, Calgary Residential Rental Association, Canadian Mortgage Broker of B.C., Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and many more across Canada.

Cheryl is a firm believer that your birthright is to be successful!

Why Resilient Women in Business was Formed

Founder Cheryl Bishop believes we are all like a piece of a puzzle and somehow, we fit together to make a beautiful picture in this world of ours.

Since March of 2009 Cheryl has assisted a dear friend of hers, the owner of Make Your Mark training & consulting, to build the company, which today is known as an Academy for business owners. In 2017 the owner of the company decided to hire a CEO to assist Make Your Mark to grow to the next level of success, which Cheryl was excited for.

In March 2018, while the owner of Make Your Mark was on vacation with his family, the CEO had decided to give Cheryl an ultimatum to either do a certain job, lower her salary and remove the benefits she has with the owner, or walk out the door.

Cheryl at that time was shocked and extremely hurt. She found herself in a place of deep reflection as to why this would be happening. She had high respect for the owner and felt she could not walk out the door and create negative rumours for the marketplace would be shocked if Cheryl left.

Through this process Cheryl had to step up and show the team of Make Your Mark how resilient she is.

There were many days she did not want to go into the office and face the team; however, she pushed herself through this challenge as she knew this was happening for a reason.

Cheryl started asking God, “Why is this happening?” Through this questioning she heard God repeat the word “Resilient” several times. Through Cheryl’s process of searching to God she recognized He wanted her to create Resilient Women in Business.

In May 2018 the CEO left Make Your Mark as the owner of the company went to bat for Cheryl. She kept her job and still went ahead to build Resilient Women in Business as she has always wanted to hear God and heed his word. Now that she had heard Him, she needed to listen to his guidance to assist women in business.

In January 2019 Cheryl started monthly events to assist women in their business.

Cheryl has always had a heart to support women in business to achieve more.

Core Value of Resilient Women in Business

  • Courage – Courage is the quality shown by someone who decides to do something difficult even though they may be afraid
  • Positively Present – Living life in the moment while focusing on the positive in every situation
  • Ripple Effect – Living as if a little girl or little boy is watching you and your actions
  • Respect the individual – Come from a place of love for others
  • Gratitude – Be grateful for everything in life. The more you show gratitude the more the universe will give you to be grateful for.

Success Habits of Resilient Women in Business

  • Positive Attitude – Optimism is strongly related to resilience
  • Listening with an open loving heart
  • Clarify and verify – no assuming or judging, always seek clarity
  • Tenacity – Do whatever it takes to grow personally and professionally to have a great life
  • Committed – to do what you say you will do.

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Your Birthright IS To Be Successful!

“Your Birthright Is To Be SUCCESSFUL”. This is a statement Cheryl Bishop lives – she walks it and talks it daily. I resonate with Resilient Women in Business; the consistency, the opportunity for growth through attending the Networking Groups, Regular and Quarterly Mastermind Groups, specific courses and weekly video’s.
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